Mobion contains Monacolin-K, which is an extract from red yeast rice fermented with Monascuspurpureus, is a molecule with a cholesterol-lowering effect. This compound inhibits the activity of the enzyme which is responsible for the endogenous synthesis of cholesterol. Thus, it reduces the synthesis and causes the breakdown of cholesterol, decreases the plasma concentration of LDL, increases the levels of high density lipoproteins, which have an antiatherogenic effect (prevents degenerative changes in the walls of blood vessels).
Reducing total cholesterol and LDL plasma levels are an established and effective strategy for the cardiovascular health. Among other Mobion beneficial properties, the most widely known are: normalization of the glucose levels, weight loss, kidney support, antioxidant protection.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) actively affects metabolism, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and also acts as an amplifier of the antioxidant properties of other vitamins.
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) reduces the risk of platelet aggregation, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots. Contributes to the treatment of atherosclerosis, is taken for its prevention.
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) is one of the coenzymes that regulate protein and lipid metabolism. It breaks down certain fats and amino acids, reduces cholesterol, and has a beneficial effect on liver cells.
Folic acid supports the work of the heart and blood vessels, ensures the formation of blood cells (erythrocytes) with a lack of iron in the body.



    Tablet: Pack contains 3 blisters of 10 tablets each.
High Cholesterol (LDL)
Abnormal lipid profile

Hypersensitivity to any of ingredients. Don’t exceed dosage limit.
Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
Do not use in the cases of acute and chronic liver disfunction.


Take 1 tablet per day with the meal with the small amount of water or as directed by Physician.


Each tablet contains:
Monokolin-K 10mg
Vitamin B1 0.5mg
Vitamin B6 0.5mg
Vitamin B12 1.0mcg
Folic Acid 200mcg