Hepos is an extremely effective hepatoprotector. Hepos improves clinical symptoms like increases appetite and feeling of well being, reduces right upper quadrant pain, reduces nausea and improves in asthenia and fatigue. Hepos provides hepatocellular protection by stabilizing hepatic cell membranes.
Silymarin from milk thistle appears to promote the growth of cells in the liver. Silymarin can block various types of toxins from entering and injuring liver cells. It is an effective antioxidant which means it may help fight a destructive chemical process in the body known as Oxidation. In oxidation, harmful substances produced in the body called free radicals can damage cells. Silymarin is thought to prevent inflammation of the liver.
L - Ornithine L - Aspartate is an excellent hepatoprotector, non-toxic and well tolerated, improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory activity and a pronounced ability to bind / prevent the formation of highly active damaging compounds, inhibits fibrogenesis and stimulates liver regeneration.
Vitamins of group B accelerate the assimilation of proteins and fats, contribute to the formation of new blood cells, and convert carbohydrates into glucose. Their deficiency can cause an increase in cholesterol, a slowdown in metabolism, and liver-cell failure.
Calcium D-Pantothenate is easily absorbed in the intestines and is broken down, releasing pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid participates in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, stimulates the formation of corticosteroids, accelerates regeneration processes.



    Pack contains 2 blisters of 10 tablets each.
Supportive therapy of acute and chronic viral infections.
Prophylaxis of fatty liver.
Intoxication of liver from alcohol or heavy metals.

Hypersensivity to any of ingredient. Don’t exceed dosage limit.


Take 1 tablet 2-3 times a day or as recommended by Physician.


Each tablet contains:
Silymarin 140mg
L - Ornithine L - Aspartate 250mg
Thiamine 5mg
Riboflavin 5mg
Pyridoxine 3mg
Niacinamide 50mg
Calcium D-Panthothenate 10mg
Cyanocobalamin 10mcg