Helmizin Syrup is extremely effective herbal anthelmintic combination for treatment of parasitic worms in the intestinal tract, removal of toxic substances, improving the functioning of the digestive system, the overall strengthening of the body. Has detoxifying properties.
Cucurbita Pepo seeds have a powerful anthelmintic effect due to cucurbitine, which paralyzes helminths, reducing their ability to move, attach to the intestinal wall, reproduce and promote physiological excretion. The active substances of pumpkin seeds have a mild laxative, diuretic and vermifuge effects.
Teucrium M.V. has devastating effect on the eggs of the worm.
Allium sativum acts as a nematicide and insecticide, possesses of strong impact on the immune system strengthening, has a choleretic effect; improves appetite. Garlic is a powerful natural source of Silicon and restores its deficiency, which occurs during infection with helminths.
Inula is used in herbal medicine to destroy or expel worms or intestinal parasites; shows choleretic activity.
Rhamnus Fragula bark (and to a lesser extent the fruit) has been used as a laxative, due to its 3 – 7% anthraquinone content.
Mentha Piperita act as a carminative, cholagogue, antibacterial, and secretolytic, and it has a cooling action. Shows a soothing effect in the intestinal tract disorders.
Chenopodium Extract contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats (with a high content of lecithinic acid), fiber, minerals and vitamins, from A, B, C and D to the most valuable riboflavin. In addition, it is rich in phosphorus (three times more than rice of the highest quality and not inferior to many kinds of fish), iron (twice that of wheat), calcium, zinc.
Embelia Ribes is considered a good, high-speed remedy for liver disease, chronic constipation, intestinal worms, and skin diseases.



    100 ml, 200 ml Bottle.
For treatment & removal of different types of Parasites from intestinal tract.
Dyspepsia, Meteorism, Spastic and Chronic Constipation

Hypersensivity to any of ingredient.Pregnancy and Lactation. Don’t exceed dosage limit.


1 - 3 Years
5 ml
2 times / day
3 – 5 Years
5 ml
3 times / day
5 – 12 Years
10 ml
2 times / day
Above 12 Years
20 ml
2 times / day
To be given 15 min before meal. Course of treatment is 14 days and can be repeated after 21 days or as directed by Physician.
* Or as directed by Physician

Each 5 ml contain:
Embelia Ribes 50mg
Cucurbita Pepo 50mg
Teucrium M.V. 30mg
Allium Sativum 30mg
Inula 30mg
Chenopodium 30mg
Rhamnus Frangula (dry roots powder) 30mg
Mentha Piperita (dry extract) 20mg